Activities & Clubs

2022/2023 Schedule for Clubs, Extracurricular Activities, and Tutoring

Teacher Club/Activity Days/Times
Mr. Molina Jazz and Pep Band T & Th 8am-8:45am
Mr. Sheldon Chess Club M & W 8am-8:45am
Mr. Pruszynski Basketball Club F  7:30am-8:30am
Mrs. Terry Passport Club

Th 7:30am-8:30      (after fall break)

Mr. Hallett Disc Golf Club T & Th 4pm-5pm    (after winter break)
Ms. Cardona 8th Grade Leadership W 4pm-5pm
Ms. Garrett Math Tutoring M 4pm-5pm
Mr. Corella Media Club M-Th 8:20am-8:50am
Mr. Perkins Anime/Manga Club W 3:55pm-5pm
Coach Dodd Jaguar Fitness Club T & Th 7:50am-8:30am (after winter break)
Ms. Nicholas 7B Math Matters/Math Intervention Tutoring

T &Th 8am-8:45am

Ms. Johnson Creative Writing Club T 7:30am-8:30am   (after fall break)
Mr. Dasal The Joy of Math/Math Intervention Tutoring W & Th 8am-8:45am
Ms. Copeland &   Ms. Jenness Student Council Th before and after school TBD
Ms. Kaur National Junior Honor Society Every other Th. 3:50pm- 4:50pm
Ms. Rodeheffer Tutoring T 3:50pm-4:50pm & Th 8am-8:45am