Site Council

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Wigwam Creek Middle School Site Council Bylaws

The purpose of the Wigwam Creek Middle School Site Council is to ensure that varied stakeholders are provided an opportunity to share input and feedback on the decision making process and receive updates on progress towards school goals. Administration, staff, parents, and community members will provide input and feedback regarding decisions concerning the school goals, undesignated tax credit donations, and supporting school climate. Litchfield Elementary School District will make the Instructional decisions that align with our state standards and our school and district goals.

Membership shall consist of three parents, three certified teachers, one classified employee, two community members, and the principal.

Selection of Membership
The principal shall organize a process by which teachers nominate and vote for teacher representatives, classified personnel nominate and vote for the classified representative, and parents nominate and vote for three parent representatives. The principal will inform the parent community of the parent selection process prior to the vote. Efforts by the Principal to secure the community members will occur prior to the first Site Council Meeting.

Tenures & Term Limits
Membership terms for the teacher and classified representatives will be for one year. Membership terms for parent representatives will be one school year.  Elected members are eligible for re-election without term limits.

The principal will serve as chairperson and facilitator. A Recorder will be selected by the Site Council at the first meeting of the school year. The role of Recorder will be to record the minutes of the meeting as related to the agenda and relevant discussions and actions, and to submit them to the principal in a timely fashion so that they may be publicly posted. A Time-Keeper will be selected to help the meetings run efficiently.

Any elected Site Council member may resign at any time. Vacancies will be  filled by the candidate of the like group with the next highest votes in the election that seated the member who is vacating their position. If no such candidate exists or can be determined, the principal may designate a replacement for the member that resigned. Members that fill a vacancy will serve for the remainder of the term they fill.

Community Participation & Agendas
The principal will develop the agenda with input from the Site Council membership. The principal will solicit from Site Council members any requested discussion items no later than the Friday prior to the scheduled meeting. The principal will post the agenda prior to the meeting. Meetings are open to the public. Public comment will not be scheduled on the agenda. Voting will be reserved exclusively for the Site Council membership.

In order for the Site Council to function effectively, attendance is required. In the event of an absence, a member’s input can be provided via email in advance, or an absent member may participate via a video conference. The Site Council may vote to maintain the member's membership due to extenuating circumstances.